Paolo Montiel - Chapulin Magical Kingdom

Changing the way you experience art

ARTES.HOUSE uses ART to enhance mindfulness and awareness into everyday objects and rituals to promote appreciation and creativity.


We’re a bunch of likeminded individuals passionate about using ART as a tool to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.


And growing


The First Artes.House Urban Experience

Opening late 2020 CDMX

Artes.House is a 2-night, intimate, immersive-living experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. 
Artes.House gives you the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable experience of living within a work of art. Not just by observing it, but by engaging with it: touching, smelling, hearing, and even tasting it. Here, the barrier between art and spectator has been erased.

Each Artes.House is carefully curated by a team of experts who, together with a hand-picked collective of local artists, are eager to introduce you to a unique and inspiring world.

Artes.House is designed to enliven the senses and bring new meaning to the everyday things in life. 
In living the art, you’ll discover a newfound appreciation of daily rituals and routines, and new opportunities to explore the space around you. The experience also extends beyond limited space, with personalized recommendations from the Artips team, who thoughtfully tailors your stay to match your tastes and interests.

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